Colearn - Educator's Network and Tool for 21st Century Learning

Hello educators!

Colearn offers a community, training and a tool that helps educators to design experiential hybrid learning experiences.

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Why is THIS important?

As technology radically transforms how and what we learn, the roles of educators are changing. "We need to teach and learn what computers cannot do", as Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, puts it.

Educators need to help learners develop the 21st century skills - like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, tech literacy - we all need to build the future.



We believe that the future of education is not about “online vs face-to-face learning”, but all about using a mix of relevant technology and pedagogy in purposeful ways.

We call it Hybrid Learning.

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Join the movement

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We are building a tool that guides educators to design impactful hybrid learning experiences, that enables their learners to learn in a human-centered way.


Connect with educators from across geographies and sectors. Help each other make the most of new technology and progressive pedagogy to empower your learners.





The 21st century demands radically new approaches to learning. But most schools, courses and programs today are still traditional, rigid and analog.

We helps institutions and organizations re-imagine and re-design learning to make it impactful, sustainable and even transformational.

We are experts in next-generation online learning, 21st century skills development, training trainers, and research-based progressive pedagogies.

If your organization need support with a learning design project, we offer:

  • Learning Strategy Development & Co-creation

  • Curriculum Design & Co-creation

  • Program Design & Co-creation

  • Training Trainers / Facilitators

  • Short Sessions & Workshops



Colearn Sessions

NEXT: Mon 18th FEB
3:00-4:00pm CET

Colearner Bastian Küntzel (INCONTRO) will share a talk about THE LEARNER’S JOURNEY: How to harness the power of storytelling to design powerful learning experiences.

Open monthly online sessions for educators, trainers and facilitators to connect, share and learn about designing learning for the 21st century.

Colearn Sessions are free and have limited seats so claim your spot for the upcoming Session on Mon 18th Feb.



About us

We’re a growing network of colearners believing that accessible, quality education and lifelong learning are the key to improving people’s lives and creating a sustainable future. We aspire to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”.

Our vision is a world of educators making learning fit-for-purpose in the 21st century.

Colearn was founded by Alex NeumanBella Funck and Sveinung Skaalnes. We are Stockholm and Copenhagen based and our background is in education, learning design and facilitation, digital communication, product development, design, digital transformation, NGOs and startups.

We believe in the power of collaboration, so if you share our vision and want to colearn or collaborate please reach out. We’d love to grab coffee face-to-face or virtually.