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Digital Learning Design

Learn how to create powerful learning experiences that harness new technology and pedagogy

Work on your own learning design • Weekly live sessions • Collaborate with peers


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Why “digital learning”?

“Digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by technology or instructional practice that makes effective use of technology.” - Wikipedia

In the 21st century, how and what we learn is changing. Educators are increasingly expected to deliver learning that is more accessible, integrated and personalized, and that makes use of technology and modern learning methods to have the greatest impact for their learners.

But there is no one solution that fits all. Digital learning calls for new ways of thinking and doing that include plenty of experimentation, creativity, and cooperation.


What you’ll be able to do

After the course, you’ll be equipped to design and facilitate learning experiences that enable higher engagement and impact for your learners, through:

  • Understanding a range of ways to integrate technology to strengthen learning experiences

  • Applying a holistic framework for designing digital learning

  • Assessing needs and deciding how to use different technology and pedagogy

  • Creating learning experiences that are participatory, learner-centric and fun

  • Making the case for digital learning to stakeholders and clients


What you’ll learn


You’ll learn a holistic design framework that you can repeat and make your own.

It helps you be learner-centric and make conscious choices in your design process.

Guided by the framework you will:

✍️ Set clear frames for your learning experience

🎯 Assess and describe learner needs & context

💡 Shape your facilitation approach, methods & tech

🖼 Build a detailed learning design

🚀 Facilitate, learn, repeat

Learning online is often dismissed as too passive and uninspiring. It doesn’t have to be! We know that with the right approaches and tech it can be creative, hands-on, and personal — just as much, and potentially way more than traditional ‘classroom’ learning.
— Alex Neuman, Course leader

How we’ll do it

A flexible experience that immerses you in digital learning approaches and supports you through your own design process. Design around your own schedule with just one time-fixed session per week.

Live sessions pink.png

Weekly Live Sessions

During the four weekly live session (90 minutes), you will work and learn collaboratively and practice different ways of delivering real-time digital learning.

Content pink.png

Content & Resources

A curated collection of inspiring content (reading, audio, video) and examples, with ideas, cases and methods you can learn from and try out yourself.

Case pink.png

Your Own Learning Design

You join with a specific learning design case to work on. You’ll actively test and apply insights from the course on a current or future learning experience you are designing.

Peers pink.png

Peer Feedback

You’ll work together closely with other educators from around the world, creating an intimate space to collaborate, give feedback, support and spar with each other in our flexible learning environment.




what you might create

Digital learning can take many forms. Here are some example cases to give you an idea of what it can look like and what you might create via this course.

hybrid conference

Hybrid Conference
Using tech to extend the experience

Most conferences and learning events fall into the trap of being “one-off”. But imagine what’s possible if you extend the experience with digital platforms and activities that happen before, during and after the event itself. Stronger relationships, deeper learning, more follow-through, and more.

online course

Participatory Online Course
Make learning online social and personal

Online courses are often dismissed as passive and ineffective. But they don’t have to be. By supporting learners with the right tools, methods and support it’s possible to create online learning spaces that are intimate, collaborative and powerful while allowing learners more flexibility and personalisation.

blended training

Blended Training
Integrate digital elements that enhance

There’s a common misconception that learning is either “face-to-face” or “digital”. Instead, we can explore the many ways technology can complement and enhance learning experiences. From mobile apps to digital platforms to vast sources of information online, we can use tech to support our learners.




You are typically working with learning and education (formal or informal) in any industry, and have little or no experience working with digital learning.

We also welcome you with more experience (maybe with conventional online or eLearning) who want to discover new approaches and strengthen your digital learning skillset.

Digital learning creates a huge opportunity to integrate the experience into the learners’ real-world contexts. Where learning-by-doing creates immediate value.
— Bella Funck, Course Leader


Digital Learning Design is a 4 week online course where you’ll learn how to create engaging and powerful learning experiences that harness new pedagogy and technology.

Time Commitment
At least 4 hours per week (90 mins for the weekly live sessions + time to review materials, complete tasks and give peer feedback.)



Not sure if this course is for you? Check out the FAQ below or contact us via email and call/WhatsApp on +46738536757


Who will lead the course

Alex (top), Sveinung (left), Bella (bottom)

Alex (top), Sveinung (left), Bella (bottom)

Your course facilitators are Alex, Bella and Sveinung - learning strategists, facilitators and founders of Colearn.

We are tested team who’ve been working together for 7 years innovating, developing and delivering analogue and digital learning programs, courses and products.

Our background is in non-formal education, learning design and facilitation, digital communication and product development, digital and business transformation, NGOs and startups. We are based in Stockholm (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Alex Neuman is the former Head of Learning Design at Hyper Island, co-author of the Hyper Island Toolbox, educational specialist with CISV International, avid cyclist and podcast junkie.

Bella Funck is a trained coach, founder of, former Director of Development at Hyper Island, and was part of the startup team at the digital community for girls,

Sveinung Skaalnes is former Head of Digital Products & Services at Hyper Island, founding director at, co-founder of SKAP Creative Folk High School, and board member at TEDxStockholm.



How much time is required?
4 hours per week (90 mins for the weekly live sessions + time to review materials, complete tasks and give peer feedback.) Beyond that, how much time you put in is up to you and how much you want to learn, explore and implement in your work.

Are there any technical requirements?
We recommend you have access to a good internet connection, a device with a webcam and microphone/speakers, and access to a quiet/private space for the live sessions.

What does the course cost?
Course fee will be announced along with dates.

Do you offer any discounts or flexible pricing?
Yes, we’re committed to make the course affordable to those who do not have the means to pay the full price. If you are a student, unemployed, working for a low wage, etc - get in touch with us.

Are the content and materials be available after the course?
Yes, the course materials will be made available to download after the course.

Are the live sessions recorded, in case I cannot join them all?
Yes, they will be recorded and made available. However, these sessions will be highly interactive and watching a recording will not fully replace the experience of participating.

Can I attend the course even if I can’t make all the live sessions?
Yes, but see above.

Is the course flexible so I can fit it in my schedule and my timezone?
Yes, participants are based across a range of timezones, and the course is designed to be flexible and allow for individual integration and personalisation. Apart from the weekly 90-min live sessions, the course work and tasks can be completed at times that fit each participant’s own schedule.

Do I need to have a case to work on during the course?
Yes, all participants will be expected to work on some type of “case”. What your case is is completely up to you: it could be something highly concrete and imminent (e.g. an upcoming program you are responsible to deliver) OR something more future/hypothetical (e.g. a learning experience you hope to deliver in the future.)

Do I get a certificate upon completion of the course?
Yes, participants who complete all course tasks will receive a certificate.



Can’t find the answer to your question above, or just want to talk to a real person?

You can reach us via email or call/WhatsApp on +46738536757