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Five Building Blocks for Digital Learning


Five Building Blocks for Digital Learning

By Alex Neuman

A starting point for designing learning that integrates technology in purposeful ways.

Here we explore five building blocks from our learning framework, and some examples of how they can be used.


Colearn Session

Future of Learning in ORGANIZATIONS

17 June, 3:00-4:00pm CEST, Online

Colearner Bella Funck will share a talk about ’FUTURE OF LEARNING IN ORGANIZATIONS: How can we shift our approach to learning to be better suited for today and the future?

Monthly online meet up where educators share learnings about modern learning experiences.



Unbundle learning to use technology purposefully

By Bella Funck

How can we use technology to improve learning?

Since learning happens everywhere and all the time, it’s a matter of designing for a continuous flow of (lifelong) learning, where a mix of technologies works to enable learning to happen.


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Training: 21st Century Skills Development

We worked with the faculty at Skagerak International School to support them to prototype new ways of facilitate 21st Century skills development in the classroom.

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Talk: 12 Principles for Hybrid Learning Design

We led a session as part of the Education Unconference at Bergh’s School of Communication, exploring principles and cases on designing Hybrid Learning.

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