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Online Learning Design & Facilitation

Learn a framework for creating engaging learning experiences online.  

As technology is changing how and what we learn, educators are expected to know how to design learning online. There is no one solution that fits all. It calls for new ways of thinking and using technology to strengthen learning experiences.




DD Month - DD Month 2019

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Beta rate! As this is the first time we run the course, we offer it at a reduced price.

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What you’ll learn

You’ll get a holistic framework to enable higher engagement and impact for your learners online.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand what’s possible with online learning

  • Apply a holistic framework for designing online learning

  • Assess needs and decide when and how to use which technology

  • Create online learning that is participatory, learner-centric and fun

  • Make the case for online learning to stakeholders and clients

Online learning is sometimes dismissed as too passive and uninspiring. It doesn’t have to be! We know that learning online can be social, creative, hands-on, and personal – just as much, and sometimes even more than face-to-face experiences.
— Alex Neuman, Course leader

How we’ll do it

A flexible learning experience built around a framework that supports you through your online learning design process.


Weekly Live Sessions

During weekly live session (90 minutes), you will work and learn collaboratively and practice different ways of delivering real-time online learning.

Content & Resources

A collection of inspiring content and examples, with ideas, cases and methods you can learn from and try out yourself.


Your Learning Design

Test and apply insights from the course on a current or future learning course / learning experience you are designing. Ideally, you join this program with a specific program to work on.

Peer Feedback

You’ll work together in small groups with other participants, creating an intimate space to share, give feedback, support and spar with each other.






Anyone who are curious to develop competences in online learning.

  • You are working with learning and education (formal or informal) in any industry

  • You have little or no experience working with online learning (or more experience but only with more conventional “eLearning”)

Online learning creates a huge opportunity to integrate learning into the learners’ real-world contexts. Where learning-by-doing creates immediate value.
— Bella Funck, Course Leader


Weekly live sessions

Wednesdays, 3:00 - 4:30 pm CET, DDMM, DDMM, DDMM, DDMM

Time Commitment

Minimum: 90 minutes per week for live sessions + 30-60 minutes for reviewing materials.

Beyond that, how much time you put in is up to you and how much you want to learn, explore and implement in your work.

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Who we are

Course Leaders


Alex Neuman

Learning Designer and Facilitator with a background in non-formal learning, training and peace education. Former Head of Learning Design at Hyper Island, co-author of Hyper Island Toolbox and educational specialist with CISV International.


Bella Funck

Learning Designer, Facilitator and Coach. Background in education, design and digital business development. Director of Development and Online Courses at Hyper Island. Founder of Start up team of the community

sveinung skaalnes cropped.png

Sveinung Skaalnes

Learning Strategist, Designer and Facilitator with background in education, business and product development. Former Head of Digital Products & Services and Online at Hyper Island. Founding Director of Google’s 30 Weeks Design Incubator. Co-founder of SKAP Creative Folk High School.



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