Making learning fit for purpose in the 21st Century

Schools leading the future

We help school leaders and teachers create learning schools that embrace change, continuously evolve and prepare their students for the future


Building a learning school for the future

We’ll help you shift the way you work and educate, to better meet 21st century demands and harness technological possibilities, thereby creating more relevant learning for your students and their future.


Vision & Alignment

For school leaders and teachers

A facilitated process with the purpose of creating alignment and motivation around why and how the school needs to adapt to a digital and fast changing world. By doing this you create the conditions for everyone at the school to feel confident to take responsibility and contribute to a shared vision of the future.

Collaborative & Learning Culture

For school leaders and teachers

A facilitated process with the purpose of fostering a learning culture of constant collaboration and experimentation around how to plan and deliver learning for students. The aim is to support staff to co-create new behaviours, approaches and methods that support the school to develop.

Pedagogy for new competencies

For school leaders and teachers

A set of workshops and activities with the purpose of upgrading educators’ abilities to develop 21st century skills – like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and self-leadership – in their students. The aim is to increase educators’ competence and confidence to take a more facilitative role in their students’ growth.


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What it can look like

New Tech Expedition

Getting hands on new technologies, practicing learning-by-experimentation, and developing shared vocabulary for further exploration


21st Century Skills Lab

Exploratory co-creative session where we ideate and explore 21st Century skills and how to foster them in new and creative ways in the classroom.


Become a learning school for the future

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